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Pyramid Hierarchy System

The Pyramid Hierarchy System

The Root of All Evil

Ten thousand years ago, the Red, Black, White, Brown, and Yellow Race Peoples of the world lived in harmony with Nature naturally. The people gathered, hunted, and lived happily around the circle of their sacred fireplace. They lived as humans and knew the sacred Earth to be round, as evidenced by the annual lunar eclipses and the circle of life. They were without slavery, taxes, religion, god, government, domesticated “food” animals, money, or any control entity dictating onto them or causing them stress, anxiety, and dysfunction.

Then a man invented the Pyramid Hierarchy System (PHS). With the introduction of the Pyramid Hierarchy System of the “Four G’s” of “gold, greed, god, government”, communities were overtaken and their history altered and changed forever by those who now controlled and dictated over them. The domestication of animals and slavery was developed in order to create male-dominating systems (and their “cities”) that were controlled by a few; a king, leader, or president, so that those few individuals might acquire great wealth and power over their “working poor masses.”

Those masses first needed to be primed. They were fooled into thinking “gold” had a “value.” The religions were invented so that there was some sort of “punishing god” in the sky dictating “over” people. This paved the way so that the practice of exploiting the Natural World would become acceptable. PHS remains the basis for “eco-cide.”

Within the PHS system, anything “natural” was and is labeled as “wild” and is condemned as “barbaric, evil, or witchcraft.” Man-made, concocted religions teach that man has “dominance” over nature; that they were “better than” or superior to the sacred Natural Beings of the earth. This allows them destroy, kill, and exploit Nature at will – while sanctioned by the church and state.

Great Turtle Island – the Last Bastion of Democracy

By 1492, the harmonious ways of life of the world’s nations of people were primarily destroyed, save for the Indigenous Red “Indian” Nations of Great Turtle Island (misnomer “western hemisphere” by male-dominating “globe dividers”)
Their ancient ways remained in tact other than for the brief invasion a few thousand years back in what is now “Central America” by PHS “Boat People” who landed, befriended, then forced the Mayan and Incan peoples to build pyramids and temporarily adopt barbaric ways until the PHS forced away and the terrible remnants grown over by the forest foliage.
But the ancient Way of Life of the Nakota (misnomer "Sioux") Indigenous Red "Indian" Nation of the Northern Great Plains Region of Great Turtle Island continued unhampered until 1851. Community Talking Circles called “Oyate Omniciye” by the Nakota Nation represented the truest form of “democracy.” Women and men gathered in the camp and community center to discuss and take action upon a particular subject until unanimous consent was agreed upon and all were satisfied.
The Nakota have always lived upon the Great Plains Region and surrounding areas. Their Nakota Language proves their residency to over 60 million years, as evidenced through the use of the word “Sunka Wakan”, the “Mysterious Dog” or “Horse.” The Nakota witnessed Sunka Wakan “grow” from the small, three toed, herd prairie grazers millions of years ago, to the two-toed, larger animal, and into the hooved, full grown “horse” seen today. This is one reason why the Nakota are known as the world’s greatest horse trainers and riders. It is not because the “spanish brought the horse to america in the 1700’s” – a common stereotype misconception taught in public schools in racist attempts to discredit Nakota ancient existence.
The Nakota refer to Earth and Sky as Sacred. The Earth is the Nakota’s Grand Mother - that could never be disrespect or violated – a basic tenant lost in "book religions.” Grand Father Sky is home to the Wind, the Clouds, the Stars, the Sun and the Moon.
Very few Indigenous Red Nations have their true democracy manner of governing in tact after the “Great Dying” from 1492 – 1890. Chemical warfare (small pox infected blanket distribution), scalp bounties (settlers were offered $200 for an adult “Indian” male, $100 for women and $50 per Indigenous child), and military actions (mass murders, terrorism) were employed through the PHS devastatingly by pilgrim, settlers, and the u.s. government citizenry, military, and their colonizing government policy.

Nature Superior To Man

The female must be disrespected for today's “god/higher power” societies to continue their rape of the earth for the profit of a few greedy at the top of the PHS.
The Animals, Plants, Insects of the Natural World are our superiors - all good and perfect. The human role is to be thankful for all the good of Nature, never to be referred to as the “wild.” The great gifts of life that we must harvest each day to survive allows us to maintain happiness and joy.
The only “bad” lies in the bad thoughts and actions within the corrupted minds of the human being, as they unfortunately view the Natural World as an “enemy” or something to be controlled, exploited, or manipulated.
The reason and excuse for the invasion and occupation of Indigenous lands and resources by columbus’ gang beginning in 1492 was based upon the teachings of religion and carried out by those who claimed to believe in god’s “own words” - the man-written “bible.”
The “devil” concept was created by religious fanatics in order to scare people straight and coerce others into believing in the PHS. In effect worshipping a devil who lives near open “fire” in a place called “hell.” Of course with this idea, fire is bad and hell lies within the earth, which sanctions the exploitation of digging for gold, drilling for oil, gouging and raping the land. The earth, after all, is the home of the devil, anyways, represented by fire and “horns” – objects viewed as special or sacred to those humans who live naturally with the land and with Nature.
The Iraq debacle of the early 2000’s mirrors what happened to Indigenous Red “Indian” Nations and Peoples of Great Turtle Island from 1492 to the present, as well as what happened to the Germans, and Irish, Armenians, and all peoples of all colors of the world.

Exposing The Pyramid Hierarchy

The 1492 invasion followed with mass genocide and subsequent and ongoing theft by the u.s. government of the “Indian’s” Black Hills gold of over 9 trillion dollars which sits each day as stolen property in Fort Knox, Kentucky.
The 1851 Treaty Resource, Indigenous-owned “Wyoming” coal, is transported daily in hundred-car trains illegally across state lines, providing most of the electrical needs of millions of americans across the u.s. The electricity supplies lights, computers, televisions, communication systems, and industry - offering “free” electricity to “power” companies through their coal fire gasification (acid rain) plants while the owners remain impoverished and unpaid.
Trillions of dollars “worth” of other Indigenous-owned resources such as timber, tourism, and mining throughout 1851 Treaty Homelands, “supreme law” rights and resources that are supposed to be protected through Article VI of the United States Constitution.
The Ihanktunwan DaNakota “Yankton Dakota” Nation in southeast South Dakota are one of the few remaining Nations who continue to maintain and preserve true democracy through their Oyate Omniciye “General Council” meetings where men and women gather to discuss and take action on pressing issues of their nation. You can support the remnants of democracy by contacting the “Yankton Sioux Tribe” at (605) 384-3641 and ask them how you can help preserve this great and endangered Way of Life so that the last democracy is not exterminated from the face of Grand Mother Earth.
It is time to live and not just survive. It is the duty of all good humans to phase out the terrible Pyramid Hierarchy System and begin, once again, to respect, love, cherish, and be thankful for our superior, Nature - our sacred Grand Mother Earth.


I’m co-host of a Denver media watchblog called the Try-Works, which, I’m proud to say has drawn a little blood here and there amongst our locals. One of our primary foci has been the Denver media’s neo-Stalinist smear of CU Professor Ward Churchill. I'm leaving this comment because you’ve shown some interest in either the Try-Works or Ward Churchill. If I’ve misjudged and you’re interested in neither — my apologies.

As you know, though Ward Churchill drew the right-wing’s ire for questioning American exceptionalism, it was understood that attacking him for exercising his right to free speech might raise some uncomfortable questions. As such, the local media’s coverage immediately took on a viciously personal bent, the main charge being that Professor Churchill wasn’t a “real Indian.”

Only two pieces of evidence have ever been offered that Churchill is an “ethnic fraud” — whatever that means.

1. A genealogical study in a June 8 Rocky Mountain News article, performed by an incredibly unqualified team made up of two anti-Churchill bloggers and a New Jersey cop. (

2. The word of several people affiliated with a splinter offshoot of the American Indian Movement — primarily Suzan Shown Harjo, Vernon Bellecourt and Carole Standing Elk — who have a longstanding feud with Professor Churchill. Professor Churchill (along with Russell Means, John Trudell, Robert Robideau, Glenn Morris, George Tinker and others) have earned their lifelong enmity by contending that members of this group brutally raped and murdered a young American Indian activist. (

Professor Churchill, on the other hand, has videotape of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee council discussing his membership application and affirming his every word. Videotape tape the UKB mailed Professor Churchill along with his enrollment card. Videotape which the Denver media knows of, and has chosen to ignore as inconvenient.

But we have made a copy. And we have posted relevant clips to the Internet, accompanied by a breakdown penned by Try-Works member Charley Arthur.

Just click here:

For those of you who support Professor Churchill (or who just have a passing interest in journalistic integrity), enjoy.

For the inveterate liars among you — especially among the Denver local media — we’re going to be having a lot of fun at your expense. Do drop by.

Benjamin Whitmer
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