Wednesday, March 29, 2006


View from the Red Road

View from the Red Road

Protect Grand Mother Earth
and the Very Sacred Site, Bear Butte, NOW!

I will do my best to protect our most sacred Grand Mother Earth by defending the Very Sacred Site known as “Bear Butte”, located in the heart of 1851 Treaty of Long Meadow Homelands (now referred to as “occupied ‘western south dakota’”) and will continue to protect and preserve the most sacred Grand Mother Earth for our coming generations, by committing myself to email the following to:

TO: Meade County Commissioners

(please redo the following in your own words if possible prior to emailing!)

RE: The Very Sacred Site known as “Bear Butte”

This is to notify you that I support the effort to have a twenty (20) mile, spiritual, religious, and nature protection “buffer” zone around the Very Sacred Site known as “Bear Butte” which is located in the heart of 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie Territorial Homelands in what is now called “the Black Hills of western South Dakota.”

Bear Butte is a Very Sacred Site Sacred Place to many Indigenous Red “Indian” Nations and Peoples, such as the Lakota, Arapaho, Crow, Ponca, and Cheyenne Nations.

Bear Butte is a place of spirituality practices – a place an Indigenous individual goes to learn how to appreciate nature, their human existence, realize the dependency to and superiority of animals and natural beings to that of humans, and to be thankful for each night and day and even the tiniest drop of water and wisp of wind.

Many also go to Bear Butte to “pray” in the Christian manner to a “higher power”, etc. It is truly a special and sacred place for Indigenous Peoples and one of prayer (church), learning (school), and healing (hospital).

Laws exist in America to protect churches, schools, and hospitals and most governments have buffer zones around such places in order to protect the integrity of such places. Creating a twenty-mile protection “buffer” zone around Bear Butte is common sense and basic respect.

Bear Butte to Americans is a “National Historic Site”, a so-called “State Park.” Bear Butte Lake is a National Wildlife Refuge. With such designations, it is most beneficial to create the protection “buffer” zone to protect the special site from further destruction that would come with “development/desecration” through, bars, prostitution houses, lude conduct, more campgrounds, amphitheaters, and more roadways and highways that inevitably become part of such developments.

Since most of the existing and the proposed developments will house, seat, or provide services to as many as 30,000 to 70,000 people at a time, I feel this is a matter of urgency regarding the creation of a Protection “Buffer “ Zone around the historic and sacred “Bear Butte” – you can contribute to such an effort through your action to disapprove any future licensing of bars, saloons, liquor stores or pornographic establishments around Bear Butte (as there are already more than 50 businesses that sell alcoholic beverages in Meade County.

Bear Butte, as a State Park and National Historic Site, and Bear Butte Lake as a National Wildlife Refuge, are a concern to many American citizens, the attitude of wanting integrity for such places is not limited to the American Indian People who hold Bear Butte as sacred. It is a concern of many other people as well.

Thank you for taking time to read this. The vicinity of Bear Butte is the wrong location for the type of development that you will be considering at the hearing for Jay Allen’s liquor license on April 4, 2006.

Thank you Honorable Commissioners!


We also support the protection of our most sacred sites by logging on to the website to sign our name to the Bear Butte Protection petition at the following link:

We the undersigned object to a proposed firearms, weapons shooting range located near the Very Sacred Site known as Bear Butte near present day “Sturgis, SD”. Bear Butte is utilized by the Lakota (misnomer “Sioux”) Indigenous Red “Indian” Nation and Peoples – as well as other Indigenous Nations and non-Indian people – for extremely spiritual purposes, i.e., ceremonies, prayers, spiritual contentment, reflection, etc. A firearms disruption center located near such a Very Sacred Site would be a violation of the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, a site protected through Article VI of the U.S. Constitution which allows Indigenous Peoples to live and travel freely throughout the Black Mountain (“Black Hills”) Region. To attempt to build such a noisy, destructive weapons of mass destruction playground near such a pristine, beautiful and sacred site is blasphemy and sacrilegious. We demand the state of South Dakota take measures to stop their citizens from trying to build offensive, disruptive, obnoxious and detrimental enterprises near Bear Butte and all similar sites such as the Ho Coka (Center of the World, misnomer “Harney Peak”), Gray Horn Butte (misnomer “Devil’s Tower”) – much the same as the world’s people would not want to see a shooting gallery next to their ‘churches’, the ‘wailing wall’, ‘old faithful geyser’, etc. We encourage concerned American people to develop legislation in their states (twenty mile radius of peacefulness), which prohibits this flagrant violation of Article VI of the Constitution, the 1851 Treaty, and peoples right to gather, pray, seek solitude, and maintain their culture without disruption and annoyance.

Friday, March 24, 2006


View from the Red Road

View from the Red Road

Bible Man's Creed
Where art thou “man”?

Domesticate the “animal” so you can hire a “man”
make that thing called “money”, so you can “rule the land.”

Concoct a “god”, then they’ll soon begin
To forget Mother Earth and start their downward spin.

From the Red Man’s “reservation; taking his gold – burning his coal.

To the Black Man’s “plantation”; making his clothes – working his toll.

To the Arab Man’s “occupation”; raking his home – churning his oil.

The “bible man’s” quest for other’s goods,
now comes to light for all to see.

But will they see? Can they see?

What do they see? Is “they” me?

Sunday, March 05, 2006


View from the Red Road

View from the Red Road

Ben Franklin “Idea” Shatters American Family

March 5

Thought to be one of the world’s greatest inventions, “electricity” – an invention by the now famous “Benjamin Franklin” just two hundred years ago, has virtually destroyed the “human family unit.”

Ten thousand years ago before the invention of the Pyramid Hierarchy (money, god, higher power, gold, murder, domesticated animals, greed) System which controls the world’s societies today, the ‘human family’ lived happily around open fires, getting up from bed and falling to sleep as a family unit with the rising and falling Sun, being outside hunting, gathering and preparing food stuffs for winter, and enjoyed mothers and fathers sharing stories each afternoon with their children, tales and teachings which were handed down naturally from eons prior.

But with the coming of the pyramid hierarchy system, the human family became endangered and now, in fact, nears extinction – especially with the creation of Ben Franklin’s “electricity”, which was long-felt to be a “good” thing.

The negative and dangerous aspects of this invention are measured as follows.

The mother prepared meals which were made with love, where today most house units (misnomer “families”) toss boxes into the microwave or drive up to fast food where workers inject negative energy into food items prepared grudgingly and sometimes hatefully.

Where one room structures (cabins, Tipis, etc.) allowed for respect and sharing to lead family virtues and values, now each house unit member scurries off to “their own space” and separate rooms to escape relationships and to reject sharing and ignoring respect.

The bonding that telling stories between parents and children created has been replaced with failure to communicate between spouses, siblings, and parents.

Today, kids escape relationships by surfing computers, playing video games, or watching television. Lack of breast feeding and separate rooms for infants leads to disorientated bonding, low self-esteem, failure to maintain relationships later in life.

Many housewives take drugs and husbands consume alcohol which causes erectile dysfunction and an even unhappier wife. This transcends down to the children in the forms of fights and high (50% in america) divorce rates.

High divorce

Failure to communicate; not knowing your brother or sister.

Health Factors
Lack of exercise, lack of sex, lack of family bonding leads to overweight, prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Coal gasification plants spew toxic sulfur, which when mixed with automobile emissions creates the dreaded “acid rain” which can melt the paint off metal.

Rivers throughout the world are “controlled” with dams, causing the extinction of animals and plant life forms and causing pollution and disease.

See to find the way to bring back true democracy to the western hemisphere so community policy can be developed and can begin to bring back an immediate return to the family.

Friday, March 03, 2006


View from the Red Road

View from the Red Road

Sharks And The “Cheechoochraan”
Is A Runnin’ Again!

March 1, 2006
In their first game following the two week break for the Olympic Winter Games, the San Jose Sharks managed a decisive 5 - 1 victory over the Detroit Redwings, current holders of the most NHL points. The Redwings had five players on the gold medal Sweden hockey team and were without their star defenseman, Nicklas Lidstrom.
Jonathan Cheechoo got the ‘Cheechoochraan’ rollin again as he recorded the first Shark’s assist and first game-winning goal to bring in the second half of the season with a fantastic start. Had the Sharks not gotten “shut out” six games back, Cheechoo would have had a point-scoring streak nearing 25 games – which would have led the NHL. Cheechoo also upped his ranking in ‘power play goals’, recording his 18th of the season to fall into second place over all NHL players this year thus far. He adjusted to an off pass from star teammate, Joe Thornton, and chipped the puck over the Detroit netminder to give the Sharks a 2 – 0 lead. Cheechoo recorded one goal and two assists in the game and led the team in shots against the star Redwings goaltender, Manny Legacy.
The newly acquired star centerman Thornton led the team with one goal and three assists, as the other star center, Patrick Marleau, also recorded a goal and assist.
Cheechoo’s standings in the NHL goal scoring race increased to 35 goals – 4th place overall in the NHL, as his power play tallies moved up to 18 – second overall - so far this year.
The Sharks return to action Friday night in Edmonton as they begin a three game road trip.

Official Cheechoo Updates can be found here:

Note: "The Hockey News" chose Jonathan Cheechoo as an alternate to 2006 Canadian Olympic Hockey Team.

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