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View from the Red Road

The Nakota Always Had Horses

The Indigenous Red “Indian” Nation known as the “Nakota” have a very beautiful and pure language. It is very pleasant to hear a person or people speaking this language. The Nakota Language is not a conglomerate of other languages such as is the case with the corrupted and bastardized “English” language. Nakota words are very significant and explain their actual meaning and can even help the listener to better understand a more clear purpose of life. A newborn baby – called “Wakan Yeja” or “Sacred Little One” (not a “sinner at birth” belief as some fanatic christians purport) – are often heard saying “Ina”, pronounced “ee NAH”, the Nakota word for Mother.

The Nakota (misnomer “Sioux”) Nation Language is made up of four basic language dialect groupings, the Nakota, DaNakota, Dakota, and Lakota. When one of the four are speaking their dialect, it becomes evident as to where their primary homelands are located and what language grouping they come from. (See map at

The Nakota word “Mini” (the English word “water”) translates literally into “My Life” with “ni” meaning “Life.” Such a magnificent way to “describe” what “water” really is! Ancient teachings of the Nakota instruct them to be appreciative and thankful for their most basic needs in Life and their pure language proves this point.

The Nakota word “Wica Sa” means Red Race or Red Man/Humans. It describes the very skin color of the Nakota and Indigenous Peoples, which is the same vibrant, rich tone as the Sacred Red Stone, misreferred to as “pipestone”, the Sacred Red Rock used to make a Sacred Canunpa (misnomer “peace pipe”). This Red Stone is found in Grand Mother Earth only in present day southwestern “Minnesota” at the so-called “Pipestone Quarries.” (See for more information on the Sacred Canunpa.)

“Sunka Wakan” (“Mysterious Dog”; english “horse”) is another significant word in the Nakota language. Tens of millions of years ago, the “big-grass-eater-dog-that-runs-on-the-prairie” was small with three toes on each foot and roamed the plains in large herds. Millions of years later, the “dog” mysteriously grew taller and strangely “evolved” - needing only two toes per foot. Now, Sunka Wakan is tall and has “hoofs” and is known in english as the “horse.”

The importance of the word Sunka Wakan is that it today reveals factual evidence to the non-Indigenous that Indigenous Red Nations have always been here, upon Great Turtle Island (misnomer “western hemisphere”). Indigenous Peoples are, indeed, Indigenous - not from “Asia” or “Siberia” or “Mongolia.” DNA testing in the mid 1990’s has proven the unique blood of Indigenous Red Nations, which is in total contrast to “Asian” or “Siberian” bloodline.

Indigenous Peoples oftentimes have to defend their nationhood and even their very existence (not even allowed in the “U.N.”!) because of the “bering strait lie” or from the “we are all from Africa” theory taught to american children in their public schools. Along with corruption of history by american “historians” comes the other absurd notion - that the Lakota are not from their homelands but were “driven from Minnesota” by the Ojibwe. Such blatant disregard for the ancient Nakota and Lakota origin stories of the Sacred Red Stone Quarries and the Lakota’s He Sapa “Wind Cave” reference. A great book exposing “historical fiction” is “Red Earth, White Lies” by Vine Deloria, Jr.

The word Sunka Wakan also serves as proof that the “horse” has always been here. Too many “historians” and government officials try to claim that the “Spanish” brought the horse to “America”. These historians, however, never try to explain why the Nakota and other Indigenous Red Nations are of the world’s best horseback riders, the best horse trainers, and the world’s greatest “light cavalry” – it is surely not because the Spanish just recently brought the horse!

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View from the Red Road

Note regarding saying or posting “Xmas”
in advertising/shopping controversy:

Happy hana-kwanz-mas!!errr….never mind

“Merry Xmas” or “Happy Holidays”- which is it? When people go to the store, darn it, they want – no they demand the right greeting. And upon checkout, the appropriate farewell address should also jibe with what is felt is the way it should be done. Forget poverty, war, social security, corporate imperialism, destruction, disease, dairy and pharmaceutical control of congress – by golly – people need to be greeted/farewelled properly!
Currently, “Labor Day” is a day set aside by congress to honor “workers” which, however, excludes the “unemployed.” Should there be an “Unemployed Day” also on the calendar or should people start calling it “Occupation Day” (is ‘unemployed’ an occupation, though?)?
Also “Memorial Day” remembers the dead. But what about the living? Should there be a “Forgetful Day” to forget our relatives still living? Or should it be “Forgetful/Memorial Day” instead and both parties satisfied?
What about “Happy (or should it be ‘Merry’) “Kwanzaa Day” or “Happy/Merry Ramadan Day”? When will congress recognize these people (although they are “just a minority”)! But once you start letting these people drink out of the same water fountain and riding in the front part of the bus, it becomes a snowball effect upon all of “white, christian society” who “founded this great country” (forget about the handful of “Indians” that survived “america” - the 100 million dead in 513 short years of “The Great Dying”).
What about the “after xmas white sale” – what should that become next.
Hey, Blacks have “Black History Month” – how about “Color/non-Color History Month” instead (so the whites aren’t abused).
And yeah, what about the Indigenous Red People – they also just have “a month” – misnamed “native american” to remember them, but no day off, how sad is that!? It’s their land – but they don’t even get a day!! (It could be said, “With Indians that was a long time ago”, but then the Indians might say back, “So is the U.S. Constitution [which protects their Treaties, gold, coal, resources] AND the bible [which says “thou shalt not kill”]). Hmmm, better think about that one for a while before anything is done differently there.
Anyway, with every day “celebrated” for every “cause” (can’t everyone just believe like me – that every day is a holy day and every meal a feast [I mean, come on!!]!) – soon there will be no work at all all year long!
It is felt that this last option is probably the best thing that can be done at this point.

Monday, December 19, 2005


View from the Red Road

Indigenous Peoples Celebrating
Winter Solstice December 21st

Across Great Turtle Island (misnomer “western hemisphere”), many Indigenous Red “Indian” Nations and Peoples will celebrate Winter Solstice and the “return of the Sun” December 21st. This special occurrence in nature is a special time to reflect and give thanks to the warmth and life giving force of the “Anpetu Wi” or “Day Sun” in the Nakota Language. Indigenous Peoples will celebrate Nature and “the great outdoors” while giving thanks for and welcoming back Anpetu Wi and his trek back north from his southward “Winter” journey.

For over 60 million years prior to the “columbus era”, the current era of time recognized by Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Communities gave respect and recognition to Nature and the most basic Life Givers, such as the Anpetu Wi. Within “The Great Mystery” of Grand Mother Earth and Grand Father Sky – All That Is or “Wakan Tanka”, each and every day the human beings give appreciation to the beings of Nature. The Animals,

Birds, Plants, Insects, Water Creatures, and Rocks are respected, revered, and considered most sacred and superior to human kind. Those ancient understandings – accumulated an developed over the million years of Red Nation existence, are based upon reality and fact. The fact that the Sun shines and warms us, is unquestionable and undeniable by all human beings. This most basic premise remains in great contrast to the recent manmade teachings of “god, human superiority, and might makes right” mentality currently plaguing the world through pollution, greed, and disease today.

As an example, most of the Black, White, and Yellow Nations of the world ten thousand years ago realized and understood that the Earth was round and peaceful family life existed, without pollution and disease. Then, with the introduction of a “creator, money, and domesticated animals”, the humans became irresponsible for their own behaviors, lazy, greedy” – thus the beginning of the “pyramid hierarchy” system of male dominance.

With the Grand Mother Earth relegated to a disrespected and unholy “globe or planet”, humans enmasse were manipulated into being ‘dictated to’ and otherwise controlled by greedy “kings and gods” (today referenced as god, presidents, and chairman’s of the board). Today, pollution, violence, disease, and strange “beliefs” are the accepted norm, while actual and realistic understandings are relegated to unimportance by a misled society.

For the Nakota People (misnomer “Sioux”), the Winter Solstice is a special time, recognizing the midway point of the year until their thanksgiving “Sun Dance” ceremony to the Sacred Father Day Sun (Sun) and Sacred Mother Night Sun (Moon) are celebrated, taking place June 21st of each Summer.

During the first 513 years of “occupation” by Europeans, much confusion and misteachings were thrown upon Indigenous Peoples of Great Turtle Island. The male dominating Pyramid Hierarchy system taught “god, greed, money, and domesticated animals.” This led directly to a time of forgetfulness and unappreciation for many “Indians” who were forced through boarding schools and starvation to discard their ancient understandings and peaceful way of life.

Forts, fences, murder, rape, old age homes, orphanages, prisons, scalping (practiced against Indigenous men, women and children by the early Dutch who received cash bounties from the colonial governors) were non-existent before columbus – a great tribute to the Way of Life of the many great Indigenous Nations.

Winter Solstice, and a celebration of it, helps Indigenous Peoples to remain “grounded”, humble, and appreciative of their lives and most basic needs, such as the Sunshine and warmth of life, or the Night Sun’s affect on the Ocean currents and the female’s Sacred Time of the Month.

Join hands outside Wednesday with your mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, and son this Winter Solstice to celebrate life in Grand Mother Earth and Grand Father Sky!

Sunday, December 18, 2005


View from the Red Road

Indigenous NHL'ers Update 12/16/05

Jordin Tootoo recalled from Milwaukee
December 15, 2005

Nashville, Tenn. (December 15, 2005) – Nashville Predators Executive Vice President/General Manager David Poile announced today that the club has recalled forward Jordin Tootoo (#14) from the Milwaukee Admirals of the American Hockey League.

Tootoo, 22 (2/2/83), appeared in Nashville’s season opener on October 5 before joining the Admirals. In 21 AHL games this season, the 5-9, 194-pound right wing has posted 13 points (7g-6a) and 67 penalty minutes. He appeared in 70 games with the Predators in 2003-04 and led the club with 137 penalty minutes. Each time Tootoo touches the puck, the crowd hollars "TOOOOOOOO" very loudly, sounding almost like "boo'ing", which gets the crowd very excited.

Jordin Tootoo #14

POSTION: Right Wing
ROSTER: Nashville Predators


HEIGHT: 5' 9"


BORN: February 2, 1983

BIRTHPLACE: Churchill, Manitoba (Inuit Indigenous Red "Indian/First Nation" Nation)

DRAFTED: 2001 NHL Entry Draft (4th round by Nashville)


Career Bio
2004-05: Led the Milwaukee Admirals (AHL) in penalty minutes (266)… Also led Milwaukee with 41 penalty minutes in the playoffs.

2003-04: Led Nashville and ranked fifth among NHL rookies in penalty minutes (137)… Also led the Predators and ranked fifth among league rookies in major penalties (15)… Recorded his first multi-point game (1g-1a) on Jan. 10 vs. St. Louis… Tallied his first NHL goal on Oct. 23 at Atlanta… Made his NHL debut on Oct. 9 vs. Anaheim… Missed three games due to injury/illness… Signed his first pro contract on May 29, 2003. PLAYOFFS: Appeared in five of Nashville’s six first-round playoff games.

AMATEUR: Voted Brandon’s Most Popular Player in each of his four WHL seasons (1999-2003) and finished his Wheat Kings career ranked third all-time in penalty minutes (874)… Named a 2003 WHL Eastern Conference First Team All-Star… Led Brandon (WHL) in penalty minutes (216) and tied for first in points (74) in 2002-03… Ranked ninth in the WHL in penalty minutes and tied for ninth with seven game-winning goals in 2002-03… Named WHL Player of the Week for the week of Nov. 11-17, 2002… Won a silver medal with Team Canada at the 2003 World Junior Championships… Led Brandon in goals (32), assists (39) and points (71) and ranked second in game-winning goals (6) and penalty minutes (276) in 2001-02… Named the WHL Player of the Month for Dec. 2001, and the WHL Player of the Week for the week of Dec. 23-30, 2001… Performed for Team Orr at the 2001 CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game… Won the hardest shot event at the 2001 Top Prospects Skills Evaluation (96.1 mph)… Recognized as Brandon’s hardest worker in 2000-01… Led the 2000-01 Wheat Kings in playoff scoring with six points (2g-4a)… Captained Canada’s U-18 team at the 2000 Four Nations tournament in Slovakia, capturing a gold medal… Skated for Team West in the 2000 U-17 World Hockey Challenge… Played for the OCN Blizzard (MJHL) in 1998-99, earning Rookie of the Year and Scholastic Player of the Year honors.

BACKGROUND: His hometown is Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, located on Canada’s Hudson Bay… Fluent in English and Inuktituk… Became the first player of Inuit descent to skate in an NHL game when he made his NHL debut… Ranked eighth on The Globe and Mail’s list of the top 25 sports figures in Canada for 2003… Nominated as Manitoba’s Sportsman of the Year for 2000… His story has been featured in publications such as USA Today, Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine and MacLean’s… Nickname “Toots”… Idolized the play of Wendel Clark while growing up.

TRANSACTIONS: June 24, 2001 – Nashville’s sixth choice, 98th overall (fourth round), in the 2001 NHL Entry Draft.

Cheechoo update:

Jonathon Cheechoo (Moose Factory Ontario Cree Nation) leads San Jose Shark goal scoring with 12 one third through the season.

# 14 Jonathan Cheechoo

# 14 Jonathan Cheechoo

HEIGHT: 6'1" WEIGHT: 195
AGE: 25 BORN: Moose Factory, Ontario(Moose Cree First Nation)
Selected by San Jose in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft (2nd Round, 29th Overall)

2004-05: Joined HV71 (Swedish Elite) in late December...Scored two goals in his HV71 debut on Dec. 28...T-11th on team in goals (5) despite playing in less than half of the team’s games (20).

2003-04: Posted career highs in points (47), goals (28) and assists (19) finishing T-3rd on team in scoring...Tied for team lead in goals (28, with Marleau)...T-4th overall in NHL and 1st on Sharks with 9 GW goals...Named Seagate Technology “Sharks Player of the Month” for March…Recorded 7 multi-goal games (also a career high and first multi goal games of career) with 2 goals each (March 23 vs. Detroit [2-0=2], March 18 at LA [2-0=2], March 16 at DAL [2-0=2], including GTG and both within last two minutes of regulation], March 11 vs. NYI [2-0=2], Feb. 16 at PHI, [2-1=3], Nov. 1 at FLA [2-0=2], Dec. 26 at LA [2-0=2])...Posted 9 goals (including four, 2-goal games) and 12 points in 9 games from March 11-26...Posted 4-game point scoring streak (3-3=6) from March 21-26...Recorded career high 7-game point streak (5-5=10) from Feb. 16-29...Recorded two 3-game points streaks--Nov. 28-Dec. 2 (1-2=3) and Dec. 13-18 (1-2=3)...Scored on his first career NHL penalty shot (17th goal on the season) on Feb. 23 vs. Columbus in 4-2 win (against Blue Jackets goalie Pascal LeClaire)...- Set single-game career high in points (3) with goal and two assists on Feb. 16 at Philadelphia in 5-2 win,...Posted four assists for Western Conference Team at the NHL YoungStars Game on Feb. 7 in 7-3 win as part of NHL All-Star Weekend in St. Paul, Minn...Selected to participate in the Willie O'Ree NHL Diversity street hockey clinic Feb. 7...Missed 1 game (Jan. 13) with sore upper body...Surpassed previous single-season career high in assists with 8th assist on Jan. 5 at Vancouver (previous high was 7, set in 2002-03)...Surpassed previous career-high in goals (previous high was 9, set in 2002-03) and points (previous high was 16, set in 2002-03) with 10th and 11th goal of season on Dec. 26 vs. LA , giving him his 17th and 18th points of the season)...Matched his goal, assist and point totals from last season (9-7=16 in 66 games in 2002-03) in just 34 games this season...Scored Sharks opening goal of the 2003-04 season on the power play Oct. 9 at Edmonton.

2002-03: T-1st on team in game-tying goals (1). . .Named game's second star and posted one assist on March 27 vs. Detroit . . .Scored 9th goal of season March 8 at Phoenix . .Scored game-opening/winning goal and T-1st among all players with 6 shots on Feb. 21 vs. Columbus . . .Posted points (1-2=3) in consecutive games for first time in career from Dec. 28-Jan. 2. . .Tallied decisive goal for second consecutive game with the game-winning goal on Dec. 30 vs. Philadelphia. . .Registered first career multi-point game (1-1=2), including scoring the game-tying goal on Dec. 28 vs. Chicago. . .Posted first career NHL assist on Fahey's first career goal on Dec. 23 at Boston. . .Scored first goal since recall and second of the season on Dec. 21 at Toronto. . .Recalled from Cleveland on Dec. 3. . .Posted 7 points (3-4=7) in 9 games with Cleveland at time of recall. . .Reassigned to Cleveland on Nov. 22. . .Scored first career NHL goal . . also the game-winning tally, .on Oct. 24 at Nashville . . .Played in first career NHL game on Oct. 10 vs. Detroit , posting one shot.

Single...Favorites: Tim McGraw (musician), “Good Will Hunting” (movie), “That 70s Show” (television show), Matt Damon (actor), Jennifer Garner (actress), Original Joe’s (favorite San Jose/Bay Area restaurant), Moose Factory, Ontario (vacation spot and hometown), fried moose (food) and my grandparent’s house (hometown hangout)...Pre-game ritual includes eating his meals at Original Joe’s when playing in San Jose...Lists fishing and hunting as his hobbies...If he wasn’t in hockey, he’d be teaching elementary school...”Cheech” considers five-time Stanley Cup ChampionJari Kurri as his hockey idol...His most memorable Sharks/NHL moment is playing in the 2003-04 Stanley Cup Playoffs with San Jose...Three words to describe himself: dedicated, hard working and positive...His three wishes: win Stanley Cup, have good health and have a long career...Only member of Moose Cree First Nations to sign an NHL contract...Father taught him how to skate when he was two...Hometown is located 500 miles north of Toronto on an island that’s roughly five square miles and sits in the Moose River at the southern tip of Hudson Bay...When he was 12, for a school assignment, he wrote that he wanted to play for the Sharks in 2002 (he received a Sharks jacket as a gift).

Chris Simon update:

Chris Simon #17

Position Shoots Height Weight
Left Wing Left 6'4" 235 lbs
Born Date
Wawa, Ont. 30/01/1972
Ojibwe Cree Nation
Last Amateur Club
Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
Philadelphia's second choice, 25th overall, in 1990 Entry Draft
How Acquired
Trade with New York Rangers, along with a 7th round draft pick in 2004, for Jamie McLennan, Blair Betts and Greg Moore on March 6, 2004

Previous Season's Highlights Career Record Statistics

Current Year Statistics

24 2 4 6 22 1 0 1

Previous Season's Highlights

Did not play due to NHL work stoppage

Career Record

2003-04: Split the season between CGY and NYR appearing in 78 contests posting 28 points (17g, 11a) and 250 PIMs...Finished 1st on the Flames and 2nd in the NHL in PIM (250)...Recorded five points (3g, 2a), 25 PIMs and an ice-time average of 16:38 with CGY...Suspended for two games by NHL for Mar. 22nd incident vs. DAL...Posted a PP assist on Mar. 20 vs. NSH in his 600th NHL career game...Scored his first goal with CGY on Mar. 13 at NSH...Played his first game with CGY in a 7-1 win on Mar. 7 at COL...Played in 65 games with NYR notching 23 points (14g, 9a), 225 PIMs and 11:56 of average ice-time before being acquired by CGY on Mar. 6...Playoffs: Played in 16 playoff games recording seven points (5g, 2a) and a team leading 74 PIM and averaged 15:06 of ice-time during the playoffs...Missed 10 games due to injury...Played in three games vs. VAN posting three points (2g, 1a) and scored the Flames 1st goal of the 2004 playoffs on Apr. 7 at VAN...Played in all six games in the Western Conference Championship vs. SJ scoring one goal and leading the team with 45 PIMs. Simon also scored a PP goal in Game 4 vs. SJ on May 16...Scored two goals and added an assist during the Stanley Cup Finals vs. TB and scored the GW/PP goal while also posting a PP assist in Game 3 vs. TB on May 29
2002-03: Appeared in 71 matches with the CHI and WSH registering 20 points (12g, 8a) and 148 PIMs ... skated in 10 matches with the WSH prior to his trade to CHI, recording two assists ad 23 penalty minutes ... acquired by CHI on Nov. 1 from WSH along with Andrei Nikolishin, in exchange for Michael Nylander, a 2003 3rd round choice and a 2004 conditional 3rd round pick ... appeared in 61 contests with CHI following the deal tallying 18 points (12g, 6a) along with 125 PIMs ... skated in his 500th NHL match on Jan. 30 at BOS ... tallied his 100th NHL goal on Jan. 26 at MTL ... posted a three-game point scoring streak from Mar. 17-22 registering four points (2g, 2a) over the span.
2001-02: Skated in a career-high 82 matches, becoming the only player on the team to appear in each regular season match ... registered 31 points (14g, 17a) along with 137 PIMs ... ranked 1st on the team with 137 PIMs and was 6th with 14 goals ... ranked 7th on the team with 31 points ... appeared in his 300th NHL match on Mar. 23 at CLB ... registered his 100th NHL assist on Mar. 8 at CAR and his 200th NHL point on Mar. 29 at NJ.
2000-01: Tallied 20 points (10g, 10a) and 109 PIMs in 60 games ... ranked 3rd on the team with 109 PIMs.
1999-00: Appeared in 75 matches, tallying 49 points (29g, 20a) and 146 PIMs ... established new career-highs in each of the major offensive categories with 29 goals, 20 assists and 49 points ... ranked 1st on the team with 29 goals, seven PP goals and 146 PIMs, becoming one of just two players in the NHL to lead his team in both goals and PIMs ... ranked 3rd on the team with 49 points ... T-2nd on the team with five GW goals. Playoffs: Skated in four playoff games, collecting two goals and 24 PIMs.
1998-99: Skated in 23 games recording 10 points (3g, 7a) and 48 PIMs ... registered his 100th NHL point on Nov. 20 vs. OTT ... missed the final 58 games of the season after undergoing shoulder surgery. 1997-98: Appeared in 28 games registering 17 points (7g, 10a) and 38 PIMs ... missed the final 46 games of the regular season due to a shoulder injury. Playoffs: Returned to the line-up for the playoffs, skating in 18 post-season matches, tallying one goal while helping the Capitals reach the Stanley Cup Finals.
1996-97: Acquired by WSH from COL on Nov. 2, along with Curtis Leschyshyn, in exchange for Keith Jones and 1998 first (Scott Parker) and fourth (later traded back to Washington - Krys Barch) round draft choices ... skated in 42 matches tallying 22 points (9g, 13a) and 165 PIMs ... ranked 2nd on the team with 165 PIMs.
1995-96: Skated in 64 matches with COL, registering 34 points (16g, 18a) and 250 PIMs ... ranked 1st on the team and established a career-high with 250 penalty minutes (matched in 2003-04) ... ranked 8th on the team with 34 points and was 7th in goals (16). Playoffs: Appeared in 12 post-season contests, recording three points (1g, 2a) and 11 PIMs, helping the Avalanche capture their first Stanley Cup championship.
1994-95: Posted 12 points (3g, 9a) in 29 games with QUE.
1993-94: - Skated in 37 games, registering four goals and four assists, along with 132 PIMs ... ranked 4th on the team with 132 PIM.
1992-93: Appeared in 16 matches with QUE, registering one goal and one assist for two points, along with 67 penalty minutes ... made his NHL debut on Mar. 4 at CHI ... registered his first NHL point on Mar. 18 vs. MTL ... tallied his first NHL goal on Mar. 20 at NJ (Craig Billington. Playoffs: Appeared in five playoff games, collecting a team-high 26 penalty minutes … also appeared in 36 matches with the Halifax Citadels of the American Hockey League (AHL) during the 1992-93 season, registering 12 goals and six assists for 18 points, along with 131 penalty minutes ... ranked 6th on the Halifax with 131 PIMs.

Other Career Highlights

Skated in 146 career matches with the Ottawa 67's and Sault Ste. Marie of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), registering 76 goals and 72 assists for 148 points, along with 413 penalty minutes.
1988-89: appeared in 36 matches with Ottawa, registering four goals and two assists along with 31 PIMs.
1989-90: Skated in 57 matches, tallying 74 points (36g, 38a) and 146 PIMs.
1990-91: Tallied 22 points (16g, 6a) and 69 PIMs in 20 matches.
1991-1992: Began the season with Ottawa but finished with Sault Ste. Marie, helping them capture the OHL Championship and make an appearance in the Memorial Cup.

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View from the Red Road

Why the white man’s “bering strait migration lie” (to deny and dehumanize Indigneous Red “Indian” Nations and Peoples of Great Turtle Island [misnomer “western hemisphere”]) cannot even qualify as a “theory”

Not long ago, one lone “anthro/archie” wrote a crazy tale (called the “b.s. lie”, misnomer “bering strait theory”) which fit perfectly into the Americans “denial” of the “American Holocaust” - the genocide against 100 million Red People wiped off the face of the earth by early pilgrims/Americans during the 513 years post columbus.
Little did the misguided “anthro/archie” know, his now infamous “b.s. lie” would cross the consciousness of virtually every little “public school kid” in America - and continue to perpetuate stereotypes and racism against Indigenous Peoples and their beautiful Way of Life.
This one ignorant white guy’s “b.s. lie” misstated that the Red People were not from Great Turtle Island, but were also quite conveniently “foreigners”, just like the “first boat people” (the white man) and the “first and only illegal aliens” (white people again). In other words the Indigenous Red Man does not exist - he is “yellow” from Asia/Mongolia/Siberia! So much for the four colors of humankind - its just “musical chairs”, man!
However, before the white people get all excited and actually try to make themselves further believe such foolishness, let us help to “set the white man free” from his inherent ignorance and misguided “teachings” (remember they thought the world was flat just 513 years ago!).
At the time their alleged “b.s lie” was to have taken place, an “ice bridge” stretched from what is now “Alaska” and “Siberia” - 3000 miles long and 2000 miles wide (oh yeah, 4 miles thick!). A great description of this can be found in the book “Red Earth, White Lies” by the late great Indigenous author and historian, Vine Deloria, Jr.
According to the “b.s. lie”, the highest temperature at this time was 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. So those Asians-Turned-Indians allegedly traveled 3,000 miles from food and water, without any food or water, without ever even having to ask themselves “why?” They must not have been too bright! They sound like “inferior human begins” to me! Remember the old school book pictures of the “cavemen” coming down into “America” following the “arrows” into north, central, then south “America?!” Oh yes, and dragging their captured female wives by the hair behind them whilst carrying an oversized (and knotty) baseball bat.
Accordance with the “b.s. lie”, they “Asian/cavemen/Indians” first would have had to have traveled a couple thousand miles just to get to the “Bering Strait” and then over three thousand miles across it – only to find themselves at this end of the “ice bridge.” The from this site (near present day “Nome, Alaska”) down into “America.”
In short, they have them starting out thousands of miles from Anadyr, and without any knowledge of what's to be found anywhere, Red (oops, yellow) ancestors hauled into northeastern Siberia (which is still mostly uninhabited) all the way out on some peninsula North of the Gulf of Anadyr, across the “ice bridge” to Nome, and then we spread out from there – until saved by the white man (who then instructed them as to from where they came). Remember George Carlin said that if humans “came from monkeys”, why do we “still have monkeys?!”

(See “Fact and Fiction” at

In the mid 1990’s “DNA tests” were concluded that the “yellow man” (Siberia/Mongolia/Asia) had totally different DNA than Indigenous Red People of Great Turtle Island! Is it time to change the “u.s. history books?” Although when Saddam Hussein was ousted by u.s. troops, the u.s. immediately spent over $30 million dollars to rewrite “Hussein’s name” out of them and put in “Bush’s” instead, Iraq is not directly related to the Wyoming coal and Black Hills gold and other stolen property of Red People that must be “covered up.”

Let's review. An ice bridge 3,000 miles long, 2,000 miles wide, and 4 miles deep. Unless the “yellow-to-red” folks had a good ice drill that dug down 4 miles, they probably didn't do much “ice fishin!”
At a brisk pace, you can cover 3,000 miles in a few months as long as you're not guided by “Moses” (it took those folks 40 years to travel a few hundred miles from Cairo to Jerusalem in “Exodus”, if you recall [that’s in the Arab People’s religion called “judaism/christianity” that is now practiced primarily by “white people/jewish converts from europe” – another very strange story in itself]).
Unfortunately, a human being will starve to death after a few weeks without food and water – and probably quicker in one hundred degrees below zero weather!
Now for all you “fisherman” or “fish people” out there, with 1,000 miles to any fishing grounds either way, I don't suppose there would have been too much grazing “wildlife” along the way, either, unless maybe “Santa's herd of reindeer” was feasting on “iceberg lettuce” on that alleged “ice bridge.” We must assume that the “Asi-Indians” were traveling along the “center” of this ice bridge, as they wouldn't wanna slide off into the cold water and all that.
Then, Caleb Vance Haynes – a u.s. military man (ah HA! – this explains the genocide part!) and other “anthro/archies”, trying to “sharpen their clovis points”, decided after a little scrutiny that “oh yeah”, there was a “green channel” running through periodically.
How convenient, that explains the four-mile-strip of iceberg lettuce growing along the way so fortunately for the migrating herds of man and animal.
We believe further portrayal of this nonsense should appear on the “Sci-Fi channel” instead of the “Discovery”, the “PBS” or “History” channel (of course, however, the PBS is where the big “b.s.-er” what’s-his-name has all his specials degrading Indigenous Peoples at every frame). Oh wait – “Comedy Central”!!
Think about it. There you are, minding your business, living peacefully and comfortably in a circle around a nice campfire with your children and grandchildren (as all humans did 10,000 years ago before the “invention” of “domesticated animals, money, and the three ‘G’s’ – gold, god, and greed”), when all at once someone says, “Hey, I know…let’s pack up and move over the “ice bridge” – I hear the grass is greener on the other side!”
Thousands of miles North into Siberia where the winters are three times longer than here. Then, once we get up there, we'll walk over 3,000 miles of ice, then down into “America” and paint our bodies “red” (remember if the blacks can change into yellow and white, certainly we can change from yellow to red!).
“What's on the other side of that ice?” you ask?
“Well, I dunno but I'm dyin' to find out!”
“Who knows, there might just be another stretch of land over there that looks just like Siberia!” But hey, in a few thousand years we might be able to travel south from Nome all the way to “Hollywood” and get a role as a Red Person in the movie “Wind Talkers” – let’s go for it!”

“Bering Strait Theory”
Again Disproven

If humans first populated North America via the Bering land bridge 10,000 years ago, how did human bones and artifacts get buried under a 60,000-year-old alluvial fan in California? Dogma demands that such finds be discredited.
Thus, "Pleistocene Man at San Diego," the Calaveras Skull, and dozens of other archeological anomalies have been dismissed as the hoaxes and misidentifications of nonprofessionals. The latest hint of truly ancient man in America came after heavy rains in 1976 cut through 21 meters of deposits at Yuha Pinto Wash, just north of the Mexican border in California.
The artifacts, still firmly in place, and associated bones are undeniably human. The overlying sediments are dated at more than 60,000 years old.
(Childers, W. Morlin, and Minshall, Herbert L.; "Evidence of Early Man Exposed at Yuha Pinto Wash," American Antiquity, 45:297, 1980.)
Reference. More evidence against the “Bering land bridge hypothesis” may be found in “Ancient Man” and “Red Earth, White Lies.”
See for more Indigenous information and for “Facts & Fiction” regarding stereotypes and racism against Indigenous Red Peoples.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


View from the Red Road

Protect Yellowstone Bison
House of Representatives (H.R.) 2428

There is currently a great need for tribal council resolutions and letters from groups, organizations and individuals supporting the federal legislation reintroduced in this year’s congress as “House of Representatives (H.R.) 2428” (originally introduced [but not adopted] as “H.R. 3448”) and known as the “Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act.”

For more information, see:

Tribal Council Resolutions Needed!

The following is a resolution that was adopted by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota in 1997, which is in need of updating by the tribe as well as all others (urge the Indigneous Nation in your area to adopt this resolution as soon as possible to insure their place at the upcoming press conference and benefit to be called in the future).

Resolution No. 97-87

WHEREAS: the Rosebud Sioux Tribe is a federally recognized Indian Tribe organized pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1943 and all pertinent amendments thereof; and

WHEREAS, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Nation is governed by a Tribal Council made up of elected representatives who act in accordance with the powers granted to it by its Constitution and by-laws; and

WHEREAS, the buffalo is of significant spiritual and cultural value to the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Nation and thee Great Sioux Nation and we have an inherent right and responsibility to protect the buffalo; and

WHEREAS the participants of the Interagency Bison Management Plan (formerly “Interim Bison Management Operating Procedures”) have failed to consult with the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Nation or the Great Sioux Nation; and

WHEREAS, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council and the RST Land and Natural Resource Committee strongly object to the decimation of the Yellowstone Buffalo herd; and

WHEREAS, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council and the RST Land and Natural Resources Committee further object to the continuing deaths by starvation of the Yellowstone Buffalo; and

WHEREAS, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal National and the RST Land and Natural Resources Committee desires to put an end to the management practices that are grossly insensitive to the spiritual and cultural beliefs of the people of the Rosebud Sioux Tribal National and the Great Sioux nation and because historically, the buffalo became almost extinct due to similar wholesale and unregulated slaughter; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe object to the current management of the Yellowstone Buffalo herd and hereby request that further management of the Buffalo herd be changed to reflect the spiritual and cultural beliefs and practices of the Rosebud Sioux Tribal People.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the state of Montana, the President of the United States, the Department of Interior, the Yellowstone National Park, the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Forest Service, the United States Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service consult with the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Nation and the Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation regarding a modified management plan.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council requests immediate action to protect the remaining Yellowstone Buffalo herd

This is to certify that the above Resolution (No. 97-87) was duly passed by the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council in session on April 14, 1997, by a vote of Twelve (12) in favor, None (0) opposed and None (0) not voting. The said resolution was adopted pursuant to authority vested in the council. A quorum was present.

Letters Needed!

The following is a support letter from the United Lumbee Nation of North Carolina.


Dear Honorable Grand Mother Earth Children,

It is all about defending and protecting the Yellowstone Buffalo Herds, America's only continuously natural – not wild, herds of free-ranging Bison (only those who would murder and annihilate them are truly wild). Grand Mother Earth human children must be the voice for the beings of nature – our superiors, for the Natural People, the Animals, who don’t speak “english” or in the concept of imaginary lines or maps. We must speak up for the Great Bison People!

The government has built traps to keep the Buffalo from their calving grounds. Let these that we share the earth with, give birth and eat grass on this little strip of land called Horse Butte. We must realize, this is not just about cattle and clear-cut forests – but should also include the health, welfare and happiness of our Animal Relatives.

We want the slaughter to stop and the Bison to be free. We want to urge you to use the power of your elected officials to support legislation that protects Bison and their habitat. Currently, the Bill House of Representatives (H.R.) 2428 is being considered in the House of Representatives in the Congress of the United States. To help this effort, tribal council resolutions are needed, especially from those Montana and 1851 Treaty Nations nearest the Yellowstone National Park.
The good bi-partisan efforts by Representatives Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and Charles Bass (R-H) introduced House of Representatives (H.R.) 2428 in the House.

House of Representatives (H.R.) 2428 calls for the following:
1) A three year moratorium on the hazing, capturing, and slaughtering of the country's last wild Bison, the Yellowstone herd, both within the Park and on the adjacent Federal Public lands in Montana, so that common sense solutions can be worked out.
2) Dismantling of the “Stephens Creed Trap” located inside Yellowstone National Park.
3) Allowing the natural Bison to freely roam Yellowstone National Park and adjacent Public Lands and designated “wildlife habitat” areas.
4) Directs the National Park Service and National Forest Service to acquire additional habitat for free-roaming bison in Montana, using such methods as conservation easements and acquisition, both on Private and other Public lands, and to also settle the current conflict with the “Church Universal and Triumphant.”
5) Returns sole jurisdiction to the National Park Service to manage Bison within the Park, free of pressure and influence from the USDA or the Montana livestock industry and their rich lobbyists in Washington, DC.

House of Representatives (H.R.) 2428 has at this time many co-sponsors and a corresponding Senate Bill was introduced in the summer of 2004, which may also be reintroduced shortly.

The entire Montana beef production represents only one quarter of one percent of the entire u.s. beef economy and should not jeopardize the pristine National Park System in honor of a few cronies using racism and animal abuse to put meaningless profits in their personal bank accounts.

Taxpayers bear the burden of Public Lands that are ranched. Over 307 million acres of Public Land in sixteen western states are leased to ranchers at a fraction of its market value, subsidized by taxpayers.

As the Yellowstone Herd grazes peacefully on Public Lands surrounding the Park Lands during harsh winter months – areas defined legally as “Wildlife Habitat”, the Montana livestock industry sounds the “fear alarm.” They even make false claims (which are reported in propaganda to various manipulated news sources) that the Bison may someday become “infected” with a disease called “brucellosis” – a disease never found in Yellowstone Bison! This tactic is employed just so the few cattle grazing operations who are close buddies to the forest service officials in DC (related) can have their tiny leases at the expense of the Bison families who suffer losses to their kinfolk.

May the Great Mystery find you thankful for all that you have and guide you through all of your endeavors.

DEER CLAN United Lumbee Nation

See “Yellowstone Bison Protection Petition” at:

We, the undersigned support the House of Representatives Bill entitled the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act (H.R. 2428) which is designed to protect Yellowstone bison from unnecessary management practices and calls for the following:
1) A three year moratorium on the hazing, capturing, and slaughtering of the country's last wild Bison, the Yellowstone herd, both within the Park and on the adjacent Federal Public lands in Montana, so that common sense solutions can be worked out.
2) Dismantling of the “Stephens Creed Trap” located inside Yellowstone National Park.
3) Allowing the natural Bison to freely roam Yellowstone National Park and adjacent Public Lands and designated “wildlife habitat” areas.
4) Directs the National Park Service and National Forest Service to acquire additional habitat for free-roaming bison in Montana, using such methods as conservation easements and acquisition, both on Private and other Public lands, and to also settle the current conflict with the “Church Universal and Triumphant.”

5) Returns sole jurisdiction to the National Park Service to manage Bison within the Park, free of pressure and influence from the USDA or the Montana livestock industry and their rich lobbyists in Washington, DC.

See for more information about Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


View from the Red Road

Airport Road

After 60 Minutes aired a story about the dangerous Baghdad airport road in early November 2005, CBS heard from "Major General Rick Lynch," Deputy Chief of Staff of the Multinational Force in Iraq.

The following is the major general's letter (dated Nov. 9th) to 60 Minutes producer Josh Yager, and below, Yager's response.

Dear Mr. Yager,
Your November 6th segment, “A Dangerous Stretch of Road in Iraq,” covering the airport road in Baghdad, portrayed our Soldiers in a fair and accurate light for which we thank you. However, your segment overlooked several salient points and left the wrong impression about progress with the security situation in this area. While the premise that this was once a “dangerous stretch of road” is certainly true, the reality is now different. This stretch of road is now one of the safest in Iraq.

The progress made over the past several months is remarkable. Last April there were 37 casualties along the route (killed or wounded), followed by May with 19; June with 19; July with 18; August had 7, September had 3, and in October, there were zero deaths and just one person wounded. This clearly represents a sustained reduction in violence along the airport road.

I request that you provide this letter and the relevant updated information on your next Sunday night segment, to ensure the most accurate and balanced reporting for which CBS - 60 Minutes takes great pride.

Major General, Rick Lynch
Response from producer Josh Yager.

Dear Maj. Gen. Lynch:

Thank you for your letter. We were not comfortable reporting statistics for several important reasons, chief among them, that numbers provided to us by the U.S. military contained inconsistencies. As it happens, even the numbers in your letter are inconsistent with figures furnished to us by the 3rd Infantry Division as recently as Oct. 18, 2005. And those Oct. 18 numbers did not reflect the deaths of at least four Iraqi security forces killed on the mission during our visit.

Our ability to quantify progress in the mission was also hindered by the fact that Army statistics are limited in scope; excluding incidents on access roads, and entrance and exit ramps along the airport road. The numbers also exclude civilian casualties altogether. While we were in Iraq, there was at least one incident, involving U.S. forces on the road, that resulted in unintended injuries to civilians, but which was not reflected in the military statistics we received.

The numbers we obtained from the army do show that as late as September of this year, two bombs detonated on the airport road. And a published report based on military figures cites nine improvised explosive devices along Route Irish in the last two months. So we believe that we left viewers with an accurate impression of conditions on the road.

We think it would have been unfair to let statistics define our report on the success or failure of your efforts. We hope that you appreciate our effort to present an accurate picture of what goes into securing the airport road and to tell the stories of the brave men who do so. We believe our story did justice to your men and your mission and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Best Wishes,

Josh Yager

On November 29th, 2005, following a statement to television media by secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld that the airport road is under "total control" by newly implanted Iraqi government's military personnel, a CNN newswoman on assignment near the same road reported immediately afterward that the airport road has only one symbolic checkpoint manned by a lone Iraqi military unit - totally surrounded by u.s. military troops, tanks, humvies, and constantly patrolling helicopter gunships.

According to U.S. Representative, John Murtha, of Pennsylvania, it is time for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

"It is time for a change in direction," said Rep. Murtha, "Our military is suffering, the future of our country is at risk. We cannot continue on the present course. It is evident that continued military action in Iraq is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or the Persian Gulf region."

Many Americans feel that the "undeclared 'War For Oil'" and subsequent huge profit deposits into Exxon Mobile and other huge oil company executive's bank accounts is not worth further sacrifice and deaths of young Americans and that cheaply purchased (or thefted) oil from propped-up puppet government dictators in Iraq (mirroring those in Saudi Arabia) or in the future quests by big oil into Iran, Venezuela, and Syria is not worth it and getting increasingly harder to swallow.

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