Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Bush Fear Tactic Uncovered

How Bush Fooled The American People

Choosing FEMA director Brown just two years after “9-11” – a man totally unqualified to handle any type of emergency, makes it apparent Bush didn’t really care about America’s safety and was actually just using the old “fear tactic” against an ignorant American people. His tactics even hoodwinked a couple democrats like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton who supported and continue to support “warring” for Iraqi oil control. Bush’s motives appear to be to:

1. steal and profit from “liberated” Iraq oil
2. place his cronies in high-paying positions within the government
3. assist his oil company friends to multiply their personal profits to enlarge their already overwhelming Swiss bank accounts

Now Bush implants into FEMA the guy who developed the plan to use “duct tape and plastic” to protect oneself from a chemical attack by the ultimate “fear tactic” called “terrorists.” The one-time warning to the U.S. to get out of the mideast culminating with the September 11th destruction of the Twin Towers was unheeded by the greedy administration.

Like the inadequacies of “No Child Left Behind”, so continues the “George W” legacy of deception and failure as evidenced in his latest fiasco – “No City Left Behind.”

1990: Iraq begins to raise prices on crude oil and refuses to be bullied by American oil executives to lower prices for them.

1995: American oil companies still unable to figure out how to ascertain Iraq and Caspian Sea oil, which needs a pipeline through Afghanistan into Persian Gulf.

January 2001: Bush appoints Joe Allbaugh, a crony from Texas, as head of FEMA. Allbaugh has no previous experience in disaster management.

September 2001: Dedicated “freedom fighters” (a.k.a. “terrorists”) from mideast strike two corporate towers in heart of New York City, bringing them down, as warning to u.s. policies in their countries.

2001: FEMA designates a major hurricane hitting New Orleans as one of the three "likeliest, most catastrophic disasters facing this country."

2002: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran are labeled as “evil” and icon (Osama Bin Laden) created in attempts by Bush administration to ascertain their oil via mass media propaganda and dehumanizing process. The saying “weapons of mass destruction” is born, much to the chagrin of Iraqi citizens. Afghanistan and Iraq soon “liberated” to insure such transfer of oil wealth to European-American oil magnates.

December 2002: After less than two years at FEMA, Allbaugh announces he is leaving to start up a consulting firm that advises companies seeking to do business in Iraq. He is succeeded by his deputy, Michael Brown, who, like Allbaugh, has no previous experience in disaster management.

March 2003: FEMA is downgraded from a cabinet level position and folded into the Department of Homeland Security. Its mission is refocused on fighting acts of terrorism. Under its new organization chart within DHS, FEMA's preparation and planning functions are reassigned to a new Office of Preparedness and Response. FEMA will henceforth focus only on response and recovery.

Summer 2004: FEMA denies Louisiana's pre-disaster mitigation funding requests. Says Jefferson Parish flood zone manager Tom Rodrigue: "You would think we would get maximum consideration....this is what the grant program called for. We were more than qualified for it."

June 2004: The Army Corps of Engineers budget for levee construction in New Orleans is slashed. Jefferson Parish emergency management chiefs Walter Maestri comments: "It appears that the money has been moved in the president's budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose that's the price we pay."

June 2005: Funding for the New Orleans district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is cut by a record $71.2 million. One of the hardest-hit areas is the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project, which was created after the May 1995 flood to improve drainage in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany parishes.

August 2005: While New Orleans is undergoing a slow motion catastrophe, Bush mugs for the cameras, cuts a cake for John McCain, plays the guitar for Mark Wills, delivers an address about V - J Day, and continues with his vacation. When he finally gets around to acknowledging the scope of the unfolding disaster, he delivers only a photo op on Air Force One and a flat, defensive, laundry list speech in the Rose Garden.

September 12, 2005: Brown resigns and Bush puts "duct tape czar" in charge of FEMA

The national government policy of the united States favors deception, ideology, and fear tactics at the expense of goodness and human rights.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


hurricane america

When “hurricane america” ravaged and destroyed Indigenous Red Nation homes, communities, and their peaceful Way of Life across what is now called the “u.s.”, from 1492 to today, it left horrific amounts of genocidal debris in its wake.

With the thrust of a gavel, systematic waves of congressional acts which violated Article VI of the U.S. Constitution and numerous “supreme law” Treaties (held sacred by Red Nations), such as the illegal “1934 tribal council ‘Indian Reorganization’ act” destroyed Oyate Omniciye (Circle Meetings of the People) and subsequently “women” – from their balanced and purely democratic manner of governing utilized by Red People for millions of years.

The biblical, religious-based flood gates, harboring such ideas as “women as property”, slavery, and “man-above-nature” were breached and spilled over into Indigenous homes, contaminating all it touched.

The refugees of “hurricane america” were scattered in the wind and many forced to huddle into small prison camps called “reservations” – intentionally infected, watching their resources wash away.

The Lakota still see 9 trillion in “Black Hills” gold sitting as stolen property in Fort Knox, Kentucky, while their children starve – awaiting help.

Yet relief efforts and team out-pouring of help still have not materialized. The whole “hurricane america” catastrophe is denied and federal help lies dormant.

Why, for years, was the u.s. thought to be - within ignorant and narrow minds - to be the richest, greatest, most powerful country in the world? Only due to the immense and vast resources and wealth which existed within and upon the Red People’s Great turtle Island (misnomer “western hemisphere”) – stolen and occupied by the “hurricane czars” run by the large, greedy corporations continuing to pollute and exploit in the name of “god and country.”

Huge amounts of Indigenous resources were swept away by greedy corporations in the wake, such as Lakota “Wyoming “ coal, which is still transported in hundred-car trains to provide electrical needs to millions of americans without compensation of one penny to Indigenous peoples.

Keep hope alive. Indigenous peoples need help. Contact www.1851Treaty.com to see how you can help and how Oyate Omniciye can be restored within each Indigenous Red Community. Repeal the terrible illegal acts of congress, which relegated Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples to such conditions after the wake of “hurricane america.”

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