Friday, September 29, 2006


View from the Red Road

View from the Red Road

Iraq Big Oil Mess
Why Are You There
Bring u.s. Troops Home NOW!

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President Bush’s Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, shook hands with Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, long after the alleged “gassing of the Kurds” took place (and with the chemicals and blessings given by the Untied States government).

So the secondary concocted “reason” for attacking and killing (murdering?) hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians – the first “reason” being the now exposed “WMD fiasco” – begs the question, “why then?”

The answer: Hussein became too independent as a U.S.-sponsored “oil puppet” and was about to start charging fair market prices for each barrel of oil leaving his country. This is the reason the military occupies Iraq oil fields today – for big oil.

It is too bad the democrats of Kerry/Clinton supported the invasion as they could use this hidden information to oust the “evil-doer administration”, but then the republicans might expose the demos for being “two sides of the same coin.”

It will be interesting to see if the non-partisan “World Court, United Nations, and Geneva Convention” system of alleged “global nation fairness” applies itself to “War Crime charges” against government officials, just as they did so aggressively and diligently against Nazi Germany not long ago.

We demand all u.s. troops removed from Iraqi soil NOW!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Stop Oil Wars

View from the Red Road
Palestine: The first “oil war” and the concoction of “Israel”

To access, swindle, and steal crude oil from Mideast oil nations, England and the u.s. needed a “base” for which to conduct their operations. Palestine, forever home of the grand and proud “Palestinians” – unfortunately for them, sat next to a proposed “Suez canal” project. With the media against Hitler, Palestine fell victim to this “global chess game” being “played” by the few superpowers so greedy for the “black gold” and too eager to exploit Wall Street’s next “big market.”

Palestine was desired as a military air and canal tanker landing point and the ongoing plot to relocate european Jews from Germany to a newly created “nation” – in exchange for the new nation’s perpetual allegiance to British/American foreign policy, served the three’s banking interests.

Today now that England and the u.s. decided to simply go into Iraq – the heart of mideast oil reserves – and “liberate” the wells, it is doubtful that 30 billion dollars of u.s. taxpayer money be continued to be sent to “Israel” for u.s. weapons of mass destruction against Palestinians, who still struggle diligently for the return of their ancient homelands from occupation.
Especially since trillions will now be spend in honor of Exxon and Gulf oil company, it is suggested that the troops killing for big oil now come home and apologies be sent out by any good xtians who may overtake their u.s. government’s genocidal atrocities committed for Wall Street during the past few years. This would come at a good time, as the anniversary of Mideastern freedom-fighter efforts to curb u.s. imperialism into their homelands (September 11th response to superpower domination) could finally go heeded – which original warning message could have prevented the 3,000 u.s. soldier deaths in Iraq since the u.s. invasion.

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