Wednesday, October 11, 2006


View from the Red Road

Grand Mother Earth

In the Nakota (misnomer "Sioux") Way of Life, we have Tunkasina Mahpiya “Grand Father Sky” and Unci Maka Grand Mother Earth” that makes up Wakan Tanka, the “Great Mystery” and “All That Is.”
The Nakota give thanks and appreciation for everything that we have in Nature. The Nakota have no word for, nor a “belief" (or any “beliefs”) in, "god" or other “higher power.” The Nakota understood for sixty million years that the Earth was round, that there were eight "planets", that Rocks, Insects, Animals and Plants were our "superiors." Today, however, some Nakota have submitted to these fantasical concoctions (become westernized/americanized) and “joined” the majority of the world’s people who “believe” in magical creations.
The Nakota continually gave thanks for MiNi ("My Life"; "water"). Today – with “civilization”, MiNi is in danger of pollution because of the "Pyramid Hierarchy System" (male dominating system of america government) that occupies and controls the Northern Great Plains of Great Turtle Island ("western hemisphere").
Corporation contamination, farmer’s chemicals, and other manufacturing and processing plants continue to disrupt Nature and pollute the most basic, most cherished, aspects of human life – water and air.
Ten thousand years ago, greedy and power hungry human people decided to concoct "cultures" and "societies" based upon "cities" that the human beings there were dependent upon "domesticated animals, fences. forts, property, money, greed, gold, and god." (Pyramid Hierarchy; where someone’s "above" you or in "control"; low self esteem; lack of being responsible for own actions).
In 1492, this system fell upon the Indigenous Red Peoples (misnomer “american Indians) and has wreaked havoc and genocide against Animal, Plants, and Indigenous ever since.
For a time, “god” was used to “justify” the murder of the great and peaceful Indigenous Red Peoples – they were even blamed for “scalping” (which the Dutch settlers actually did to the Indigenous Peoples; blaming the victim) and “hampering” expansion. This although only 6,000 “white people” lost their lives since 1492 at the hands of self-defending Indians while over 98 million Red Lives were lost to murder, massacres, starvation, and disease.As the world argues over “god” and continues to try to occupy and control the lands and resources of others while using this ten thousand year old term, the Nakota continue to survive and once in a while “live.”

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