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Apocalypto Review

Clarifying Apocalypto
December 15, 2006

The new movie "Apocalypto" did not recognize the fact that the ‘first wave’ of “invaders" to Great Turtle Island (misnomer “western hemisphere”) was over 2,500 years ago - the original "pyramid builders" from the mideast who traveled and traversed the oceans in large ships, spreading and inflicting their male dominating, "pyramid hierarchy" system upon the innocent communities and nations in their path.

Between four and five thousand years ago, Egyptians and/or other north African and mideast cultures began the process of "pyramid making" to contribute to the previously concocted "god" concept which swept humankind beginning ten thousand years ago with the invention of money and the use of domesticated animals. Many tens of thousands of people were “conned” (religious fervor) into building the pyramids and some are thought to have been enslaved.

After the pyramid process was ‘perfected’, the “leaders” transported their confusion across the Big Water to land among Red Nations along the equator, such as the Inca, Mayan, and Aztec. Had slavery been employed in the pyramid construction process – which remains disputed, the Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples of the central regions of Great Turtle Island were prime subjects for slavery, as those humans living in equatorial tropics are more susceptible to enslavement, while “northerners” – or those human beings who face death by freezing each winter, are virtually impossible to manage into slavery.

After neighboring Red Nations finally had enough of the “pyramid savagery” and “uncivilization” however, the invaders were repelled and the pyramids left to rot and were grown over by local vegetation. Indigenous Red Nations and Peoples of the area were allowed to “rest” for a while – until the next wave, the Spanish conquistadors, came to once again disrupt and destroy nature and those who live in harmony with it.

Although the accurate historical facts are not mentioned in the movie “Apocalypto” the film is greatly directed by Mel Gibson (actor in “Brave Heart” and director of “Passion of Christ”). It compares to “Dances With Wolves” in cinematography and “Brave Heart” in its epic proportions.

Other than not mentioning the accurate and hidden history of the area, thereby allowing stereotypes of the viewing audience to continue within their minds, the movie “Apocalypto” may prove to be award-winning, with tremendous action scenes and a cast of brilliant and beautiful indigenous “Red Peoples” – actual “Indians” of the central areas of Great Turtle Island, fully able to out-act any of today’s “Hollywood stars.”

Hir, Indigenous Red Man,

I have been unable to work - many reasons - and working on Internet Native Groups - please check out "FirstNationsHistoryNewsandViews-" (with hyphen) - an msn group, which msn is not allowing me to invite people to, but of course you are invited. You pointed out the 1851 Treat to me - it is a political grenade on Pine Ridge eh! But you got me into it, and on the right side - of the Traditionals. Anyway, I have been so wrapped up in Internet Sites, I have neglected my Blog - I saw your positive comment today. Coming from you, that means A LOT!!!! Wopila, Your Sister, Cedar Elk Woman
And of course, I have published at least half a dozen reviews of Apocalyto, as racism in its full expression. And even Natives want to see it. The mind control affects US so much. I tell people that televisions (except for sports) are the Boarding Schools we bring into our own homes. (But sports is ok.) Your Sister, Cedar
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