Wednesday, December 06, 2006


american Tragedy

Not since the murderous quest for Vietnamese off-shore oil and inland rubber trees (paid for by tax dollars to Michelin tire company after american napalm strafing and soldier recording under fire) and the genocidal theft of Lakota ("Sioux") gold from their sacred Black Hills ($9 trillion which now sits in Fort Knox yet to be returned to the 1851 Treaty landholders) has a greater tragedy enveloped the american people.

Rumsfeld firing only reveals the updated administration's desire to maintain in Iraq until all oil wells are depleted - despite the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives again to be sacrificed and the countless american troops soon to die for the greedy quest for mideast oil.

It is time america left the killing fields and instead paid fair market value from whoever of the Arab or Persian people controls mideast oil fields. Stop the genocide for oil. Stop the waste of tax dollars for big oil.

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